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What Online Dating Profile Pictures Should Men Use to Attract Hot Females?

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by , 09-10-2012 at 03:36 AM (54998 Views)
Online dating can be say the least!!

With every attractive female's in box filling up faster than a Wal-Mart parking lot on Black Friday, it is especially difficult for men.

Do you feel that it is nearly impossible to get responses from attractive females online?

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If you answered yes there is good news...

That good news is that 90% of men on any dating site are flat out horrible at attracting hot females online, and their profiles are horrendous.

Just god awful at it...SERIOUSLY!

Most men have zero clue how important their online dating profile is to the whole puzzle. If you put 5 minutes in to your profile and go out and spray females with messages, please do not expect to get 1 single matter what.

So what this means for you, is that if you put forth a little bit of effort, you will be getting contacted by and getting responses from these hot females on a consistent basis, which leads to you going on dates with them. They are yours to have.

And you do not have to look like a GQ model to do me

Today I want to talk a little about what types of pictures you should be using in your online dating profile in order to emotionally trigger these attractive females and spark an interest.

But first there are a few things I must mention that you need to avoid, because no matter what you think or have been told, if you are doing these things, it is actually embarrassing and so far off the mark of what hot girls want to see.

With that said, make sure you are not doing the following:

Make sure you limit the number of pictures you have on your profile. 3-6 pictures is enough. This is not facebook, and you need to leave room for curiosity.

Do not be holding a beer, cigarette, or anything else that may be unattractive in every single one of your pics. You may thinks its cool, but hot females find it very unattractive 98% of the time.

Please do not use pictures in which you obviously took your own picture with your cell phone.

Do not post pictures that have a messy background (ex. pic taken in your room with clothes all over the bed...etc.)

Make sure you are not all alone in all of your pictures.

And PLEASEEEEE do not post the eyeball stabbing picture of you with your shirt off posing in the mirror....Don't be that guy. I don't care if you have a 64 pack, DO NOT DO IT.

Your profile is the most important part to your online dating success, and your pictures play a huge role as well, don't ruin it before she even begins to read your info.

When it comes to online dating, every single piece of the puzzle has to be in place, meaning that you have to pay special attention to detail along the entire process. With so many men being at the finger tips of these attractive females, it makes it extremely easy for her to move on from you if she comes across one tiny thing she does not like.

On the other hand it can be extremely easy to make yourself irresistible online, because once again as I mentioned earlier, most guys suck at every step along the way.

I would like to now share a few tips with you when it comes to your profile picture...

You want to use pictures where it looks like you are having the time of your life. This plants the seed in her head that you are fun, popular, and have the ability to be free and careless in a sense.

It is okay to post a picture of you with your pet, this shows her you have a sensitive side, which she will relate to a high percentage of the time. I am not saying do this in every picture, but one is good.

Post some pictures of you being dressed up, looking clean and professional. Women love this!

Post a picture of you and your family, or you and your grandparents. This goes a looooooong way with a majority of attractive women.

Use action pictures...maybe a picture of you on a roller coaster, or playing a sport...get creative.

Take a look at your profile tonight and the pictures you are using, and see if you can improve them, because the truth is if you are not getting contacted or responded to, your pictures are probably a part of the problem.

Females make decisions based on emotions, so your profile need to emotionally trigger her or else she is gone. Once you learn how to move a female online, the game gets a lot more exciting and enjoyable.

To learn more about this and to get your free report on how to create a magnetic online dating profile that triggers responses from attractive females on any dating site check out Online Date Secrets.

All you need to do is enter your most used email address and the report is sent straight to your in box, that's it-nothing else to do at all.

Good Luck and start working on that profile man!

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    Love this article. Definitely gives good insight on how to go about using online dating sites. Most people would think that there isn't any guidelines, but this only shows that it is and that they need to be followed. Thanks for the tips on how to get a girl on online dating sites.
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    Goldfish Dating Advise for men this is the solution
    Updated 11-23-2012 at 08:48 PM by Journalove
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    This is why I'm using MatchSecrets service. My online matchmaker does everything for me. I'm highly recommended!!!


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