2 great dates and he randomly ghosted me. Advice?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Bella Evie, Jan 30, 2019.

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    This is the first time in my years of dating, sleeping around I've been genuinely gobsmacked. If it's just been sex with a man, I'm expecting lack of communication or not even speaking for weeks or months. This situation, I cannot understand. So.. I met this guy through a group of friends, we went to private schools near each other and we have quite a few mutual friends. He's 25, I'm 23 this year. So 3 year age gap.

    He had been messaging me on and off for about 2 months until I was not seeing someone and decided it would be a good, respectful time to catch up. He picked me up, took me out to a fabulous restaurant and we had such a good night that the restaurant was closing up, people around us were leaving however we didn't even notice. We had to be told we only had 10 mins left before they were closing. We realised we had so many similarities, it made me think, wow, great I've met a lovely man and we have mutual friends, things in common etc. I was genuinely feeling hopeful.

    We caught up on the Thursday for example, he went away for a few days and that Sunday when he was back, he was desperate to see me. We had another repeat, instead a lot more alcohol involved, but overall a great night (so I think). I ended up going back to his and he kindly dropped me home that morning for work. On the drive home, we laughed about the bartender who was being weird to us and how apparently I was making a lot of naughty noises and that we attempted at the parallel act a few times but being so tired, he laughed how he almost left the glad wrap on at one point. He asked which dog of his I preferred.

    Absolutely nothing indicated something went wrong that night. That coming weekend, I was going interstate for a few days of holiday. Anyway, I didn't reach out thanking him (maybe that's where I went wrong) but that afternoon, he messaged me and thanked me for the night. Asked how my day was going. I apologised for keeping him up that night and he said I'm welcome to keep him up any day. (excuse the vulgarity, but apparently I was loud making sexual noises) and I said "Promise I'll be quieter next time too"

    He likes a particular politician and their news channel, one night texted me what he was watching and he said we could maybe watch it together before I leave. I explained it might be a bit tight for time. The next day I joked about wearing the MAGA hat while doing the deed and he laughed, saying it's the rules. I did a disgusted face as I'm not a big fan. He disliked the message, didn't respond at all the next day and reached out the next asking what day I'm going away, I asked the same as he was apparently going away for work for 2 weeks (he's an investment banker) anyway, it's been 2 weeks and I have not heard a single thing. He never responded to my question. After he didn't respond to me, he was following so many more girls on instagram and liking their photos, even liking a childhood friend of mines photos.

    I can only think.. maybe I made the conversation after we had sex, too sexually motivated and could possibly have thought I'm only after that. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Now that it's been 2 weeks since he has texted me, he's now following girls with the same name as me and similar degrees as I can see it in their bio. This, itself, only makes me think he's maybe doing this to spite me. I cannot understand what has aggravated him though to this extent.

    **TL;DR** really clicked with a guy, after 2 dates, texting became less and less and I haven't heard from him in over 2 weeks. Feeling very defeated and upset. I've tried to move on by unfollowing him on insta and deleting his number/texts so I don't feel tempted but my heart is confused. Why?
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    I can think of two reasons,the first one is that he is not ready to be fully committed to a serious relationship (kinda childish),the other one is he didn't find in you what he was looking for in a girl and there is nothing wrong with it or you.either ways don't put a lot of thinking in it and move on...

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