A foreign lady keeps stalking me and Idk what to do about it

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by travis04, Jun 26, 2018.

  1. travis04

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    I recently joined this online dating site. I first got matched with a foreign chick from Colombia but later cut things off when I realized she and I have nothing in common. Then later on, I got matched with my now girlfriend. We’ve been together for about 2 months now but that Colombian lady still bothers me. She even goes as far as checking my posts or chat me when she sees I’m active on the site. I’ll be leaving the site for good since me and my gf talk mostly through skype but I’m just waiting for her to have stable internet connection at home. I honestly don’t know how to handle the Colombian girl. I’ve explained to her that I’m no longer available but she’s been very persistent.

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