A girl start a conservation with me?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by apushapush, Mar 3, 2014.

  1. apushapush

    apushapush New Member

    Hello! I am a freshman at a fairly large University, and I am a shy guy, and a I was sitting by myself in our café, where I usually sit, and a girl ask if she can sit beside me and she start to ask me my name, where I am from, etc. I have seen her around, in halls, the café and the gym and all every time she smiled at me. She actually said that she has wanted to talk to me for a while? Also she wants to eat lunch with me? What does all this mean? Thank you!
  2. Dutchey

    Dutchey New Member

    It doesn't mean anything yet, it could be that she just simply wants to be friends.
    Source: My ex also wanted to meet a blonde dude she always had seen walking in the hall of school.
    Once she starts to flirt or gives obvious hints, that's when you know she's really into you.
  3. claudine

    claudine New Member

    You should ask her out. If she likes you, she'll be willing to spend time with you:)
    I think that it's very possible that she's interested in you. After all, she came to you. So don't be shy and talk to her:)
  4. Chris_A

    Chris_A New Member

    Go out with her and spend some casual time. If she likes you more then a friend, she will give you signs that you will easily see. Then you could ask her out on a real date, and if she is into you that way, she will surely accept. Good luck. :D
  5. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    Yeah If you don't mind then ask her out, spend time with her.. And if you feel that she likes you then its good for you.. Just let it be go..
  6. tulsalovedoc

    tulsalovedoc New Member

    Well, it's very obvious she has an attraction to you. She probably doesn't know why yet, but she WANTS to know. So, the best thing for you to do is ask her to go somewhere - maybe to eat lunch on campus, but make it simple, and make it something that you can both actually talk. Be yourself. Don't be nervous - she's just as nervous as you are and is curious.
  7. susanwalters

    susanwalters New Member

    Females can tell if a guy is nervous, so if you can first cover that up your good.
    unusual custom jewelry you are wearing, cologne, and of course clothes.
    It also helps to have a friend with you. If you study a woman really close you can see what they are proud of. Sometimes hair, shoes, out fit If nothing is meant to be formed, she'll reject you, think you're a creep, you probably won't have any classes with her, and if you do she might not alk to you & if you try again she could possibly ignore you

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