A girl who likes me is ignoring me? I'm really confused!

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Scrrw, Aug 2, 2014.

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    This is a pretty long post, thanks to anyone who reads it!

    So, 2 weeks ago me, my family and our family friends (mom, dad, son and daughter) went on a holiday together. I've only met this family once before, it was my mom that usually had contact with them. The daughter is the same age as me and she is really, really pretty. I'd say I'm just an average looking guy. Since the first time I've seen her, I knew I hadn't had a chance at dating her. BUT, the second we stepped in to our new apartment, she started heavily flirting with me. She kept staring at me, smiling at me, laughing at my jokes. Almost everytime I looked at her she was staring at me. It was really awkward because her family was always around. Always. I hadn't had a chance to talk with her.

    So I asked her out for a walk in the evening. That's when we had our first "real" talk. We had a really good conversation. We kept going out for walks almost every following day. We were also working out and running a few miles every morning before everyone else woke up.

    Our holiday break was coming to an end, and on the last day of it I finally managed to courage up and ask her for here phone number (I'm kind of shy and I've never had a real serious relationship before). She was SO excited when I handed her my phone to type in her number.

    I texted her a day after, just saying hello and asking her if they managed to safely drive home. No answer. I said to myself - that's okay, if she doesn't answer in a few days, I'll just send her a facebook message (she added me herself a the first day of our holidays). After 2 days, that's exactly what I did.

    I started up by saying hello. She went offline and answered me a few hours later when I wasn't online. When I got back up, she was already online. I tried to start a conversation with her and she got offline a few minutes after I messaged her. She came back online in the late evening and "Seen-ed" my message. She still hasn't responded to it yet, after a few hours of seeing it.

    I'm not sure if she's avoiding me, or what? I'm just really confused, she was really into me a few days ago and flirting with me, but now she's treating me like I'm nobody. I've talked about this with my best friend and he encouraged me to just call her, but I don't know what to say and I certanly don't want to come off looking desperate. What should I do? Help! :(

    TL;DR: Met a girl, she heavily flirted with me. A few days later when I texted her, she did not reply. She also hasn't answered a facebook message I've sent her. What to do?
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    Just ask her out. Some women get frustrated when you keep talking and not making any moves. Just get to the point. If she throws more weirdness at you she's probably just a big flirt.

    GLOGIK New Member

    Hi, please don't let women throw you into such a state of confusion. Women are very unpredictable. Some ladies are simply flirts. Just be careful not to take that girl too seriously; in fact, I'll advice you move on; most likely than not, she's not worth the stress you're trying to put yourself through.

    Personally, I find it hard to understand why some ladies are that way. I once had a friend who had a girlfriend he had been dating for years. Everyone knew them as very close friends who surely were going to get married some day. One day, my friend just thought to himself that it was necessary to perform the ritual of "officially" proposing marriage to her. In fact, to him it was just "to fulfill all righteousness" - I mean, everyone(including her) already knew they were going to get married: At least, so he thought. The greatest shocker surfaced when my friend eventually proposed to her. She just began to avoid him. At a point, she opened up, and told him never to come close to her anymore. My friend almost died; he couldn't believe it. He thought they were ready for marriage. They had been dating for years. That was what he got. I flirt who had been dancing around him for years.

    Bottom line: If you don't want to have heart attack, I suggest you move on, and look for something else to do with your time. Thanks
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  4. sidney

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    I think that she's just a big flirt who likes to get a guy's attention when they meet to feel good about herself, then leave them hanging afterwards. A girl who is sincerely into you won't do that. So if I were you, don't expect anything from this girl, she seems to be just playing you and she seems like she would flirt with anyone whether she's interested or not.
  5. oraclemay

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    She may have flirted with you because you were the only male around paying attention to her. That is what some women do, however it does not mean that she wants to pursue a relationship with you. She may already have a boyfriend that you don't know about. On the other hand, some women are not interested in men that cannot stand up for themselves. If you are interested in her, you should call her and say that she has not returned your messages so you wanted to know if she would like to have coffee. Always remain a gentleman and remember that if she agrees to go out with you does not mean that she is yours. She is free to date as many men as she likes until she finds the one and so are you. I think you should try to establish a friendship so that you can really get to know each other. Give her and yourself a chance to know each other before you rush into anything. Don't plan your life around her. See other people too. It is a good friendship that often becomes a really good relationship.
  6. susanwalters

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    She's scared. She is more comfortable with your current affiliation. For the long haul, this is a good thing. This means she is "trustworthy".
    My recommendation is that you just keep it at the current level and slowly step-it-uP. Eventually, she will crumble and be putty at your fingertips , I recommend that you let her down slowly. She is like a cake in the oven and needs time to be done, fully, and if you take it out too soon, it will be a mushy mess of sweet, uncooked delight.
    Patience, brah... but keep at it.
  7. buttercup239

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    I wouldn't call her if i were you. Too eager. I wouldn't overanalyze how long it takes to reply to facebook either. People are busy. As for why no response at all,could be anything. Just stay positive and focus on something else.You contacted her twice,that shows plenty of interest without going overboard.
  8. April

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    sorry to say it but I feel she has boyfriend or in a relationship...

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