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    Ok, I need some advice..

    A few months ago I went on a date with a girl I'd been talking to online. We got on brilliantly over text and even better face to face. She missed her train and we were both tipsy so she stayed at mine....and somehow in the pillow talk afterward we discovered we had an ex common! The ex we have in common really broke this girls heart and she said she couldnt date me as she wasn't over "our" mutual ex. I was with this ex for 12months about ten years ago so it wasn't an issue for me but it was for herl. I was a bit disappointed and told her so but such is life! A few days later she text me to see if I knew of any way she could get back with this girl as she was in love with her. I sent a sharp but polite back.

    We've exchanged some friendly texts and sometimes they get a bit flirty. Anyway, she has been on dates with other people (as have I) and we sometimes text each other and complain how the dates go if they don't work out. I haven't seen her since that initial meet up but she asked to meet up a few times since (I've never been able to make it due to other commitments).

    Do we think she just wants to meet as friends or do we think there's more to it?

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