Am I getting mixed signals, is she interested?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Darth C00kie, Jan 19, 2018.

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    So, there's this girl I have a crush on at the moment. We've been talking for yonks, on whatsapp which she uses for "fam and stuff." She's been sending me selfies of her , asking for my advice on things in her life, sending YouTube music she likes, song lyrics, selfies of her and her sister, memes, etc. We've met in person, a few times, the first time I saw her she was engaging eye contact, twirling her hair, saying to me how "comfortable she felt being around me " which doesn't happen to her much as she's awkward and shy /anxious. She asked me if I wanted to go to her favourite coffee shop, next time I'm up. Saw her the second time, a few months later, she seemed nervous around me. After I met her a few days later she sent my best friend a message, saying that I was being difficult by messaging, when she's the one that's been spamming my phone with messages like 5, 10, messages at time etc. She said that she's not interested in me only as a friend. I met her again recently, with a female friend, she told me she wanted to get her Masters essay done so she can enjoy the comedy gig we were going to. She even told me she had bunked off work to come and see us. So, we met for coffee , my friend who was with us noticed she was a bit off with her and was gravitating towards me a lot. She hasn't met my friend before etc. I felt she might have been a bit jealous , as she messaged my best friend again a couple of days after meeting her , saying that I was being difficult cause I messaged her asking to meet up again in a little while. She said she didn't want me coming up just to see her I sent her a message saying that next time we meet, it'll be just us, she was communicating as normal, sending youtube videos, laughing at jokes etc.
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    Ask her

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