Am I overreacting?

Discussion in 'Marital Problems' started by wondering12, Oct 7, 2018.

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    My husband and I have been together for over a decade now. He started a new job this year and his hours have been erratic but I have just assumed that was normal. Except yesterday when he lied about his hours, telling me his was working 2 hours earlier than he actually did, Often, I will call him, assuming he was just leaving work and he's admitted that he had finished earlier but had gone to the beach alone. This may be true.
    After I caught him in the lie yesterday, I went through his phone. There was nothing on there in the way of shady text messages, phone calls or photos but his instagram account was filled with bikini models, a whole lot of them. This in itself makes me insecure because although I do yoga, I also enjoy potatoes and bread and cheese and I dont have the body of these 20 something girls. We have a child so I am full of stretch marks and loose skin.

    What would you assume, if your partner did this to you? Am I overreacting? He told me he lied (twice) to me about the work hours for the benefit of his friend. He was there when I called him and called him out on the lie. He said he wanted to come home early from his friend's house and this was the purpose but he didnt need to make excuses, his friend would not care when he left. I would love some advice.

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