Any beauty secrets?

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  1. Jhon

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    Well!!We should be take care of the skin is very sensitive part of the body.So we should be take care of the skin.Any how I think vitamin C is best element for skin care and protection of tissues.According to me that fresh juices and vegetarian foods are so good for the skin beauty...
  2. Gayel

    Gayel New Member

    For skin beauty and glow you have to start with eating healthy diet. Add fresh fruits and green veggies in your diet. Don't skip healthy fats from your diet. Drink more water, it is best for skin. Have a proper sleep, prevents your skin from harsh soaps.
  3. Alston

    Alston New Member

    Well,I know that skin beauty has own importance in our life so we should be take care of the beauty.According to me that
    a good beauty has own importance for groom the personality.Some tips here for beauty...
    wash your skin regularly
    Drink fresh juices
    Drink water in more quantity
    eat vegetarian foods.
  4. Trellum

    Trellum New Member

    Drinking plenty of water is always the key to a healthier looking skin, hydratation is basically everything. Plus eating a lot fruits and vegetables and as little carbs as possible.
  5. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    I just think its important to use a good cleanser and moisturizer that is specifically formulated for your skin. For instance, if you have dry skin get a cleanser and moisturizer that is good for dry skin. Same goes for oily skin or combination or sensitive skin. Also, make sure to remove your make up every night before bed, if you wear any. I use a BB cream which seems to brighten my skin, that may help you too. It's nice cause its not as crazy as a foundation or something but still helps brighten your skin and cover up any imperfections. It's basically like a tinted moisturizer with really great coverage.
  6. RoseElle

    RoseElle New Member

    Eating fruits and vegetable helps your skin to glow and shine, else you can try some beauty products for skin If you have aging problem with skin so it's better to do some face exercise.
  7. Ruby Gantz

    Ruby Gantz New Member

    It is not necessary that all the beauty secrets will work on everyone and bring exceptional results. One can learn with the practice by using the ingredients to meet the specific requirement. My sister told me her anti-aging beauty secrets, she has been using the beauty products of Image skin care, which helps to rejuvenate the skin using essential nutrients and make look younger.
  8. george12

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    Massage the skin with papaya. Then make a scrub by mixing oats and honey along with a little cold milk and scrub the skin. Wash off with ice cold milk and water and pat dry.

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