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Discussion in 'Dating Site Reviews' started by andrewskate, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. andrewskate

    andrewskate New Member

    i was navigating on day and i found this wonderful website, its so cool and there is funny people there
    i really enjoy chatting and talking and its so safe and simple !!!

    maybe you can like it so feel free to try it

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  2. hotgal425

    hotgal425 New Member

    Nice one.
    Design is good. I like it
  3. jason980

    jason980 New Member

    If you wonder which one you 're looking for ,and if you want to date with the elderly,you should know about a hot dating site right now which is the success senior dating community with thousands of verified members and photos, local event on the internet, because you can sign up for free fee ,moreover, it has more features than any other site without being confusing and hard to use. You can answer questions to be statistically matched to your best partner, and chat with people etc.
  4. Richard L. Navarro

    Richard L. Navarro New Member

    Gone through your website,but need some review before joining this.....Any way good layout and designing of front page.
  5. amy005

    amy005 New Member

    Seems that link is no longer safe, is there a new link for that website now or is it just an unsafe website?
  6. FatesWing

    FatesWing New Member

    Like the poster before me stated, the site is now showing up as unsafe no matter which browser I use. Curious if there is any update with this. Has the site been moved to a new URL by chance?
  7. BBarnett22

    BBarnett22 New Member

    If the dating website has not been promoted either on television or in a magazine or publicly it is more than likely a bad website to sign up on.

    Two reasons why:
    There won't be enough members in your local area.
    It will have alot of unnecessary advertising or adware on it.
  8. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    Hmm good one.. I like it... :)
  9. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    oh my I need not to check on those!
  10. harmine

    harmine New Member

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  11. freddygaviscon

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  12. freud

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