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    So, there's a woman. A few years ago, when we became friends, I was involved with someone else. But, despite the relationship I was in, feelings began to grow with this new woman. The girlfriend and I had our problems. We went back and forth quite a bit, breaking up and getting back together. All the while, this other woman and I got closer and closer. It was evident that there was something developing between us. But, at the time I was torn. I had feelings for both, but could not see which direction to go. I couldn't see that this friend was the woman that I should have been with. I was just too confused. The girlfriend and I eventually split. But it was too late. The friend had decided to put away her feelings for me and move on.

    Forward to today. That friend and I have remained close over time. She now considers me her best friend. We talk every day, about everything and nothing, just as we always have. There is this deep connection between us that neither one even fully understands. It's undefinable, like nothing either of us has ever felt with anyone else, friend or partner. As we've discussed many times, it's like we're more than friends, but less than a couple. We're somewhere in between, stuck in the gray area.

    She has admitted to me recently that she still does have feelings for me. But, she's afraid. Afraid that if we took that step, took a chance, that this wonderful friendship we have could be ruined. I asked her if there was something else, some other reason that she doesn't want to take that step with me. She tells me no. Her fear is the only thing that's standing in our way.

    So, here I am, continuing to have this wonderful relationship with this woman, but wanting so much more than she's willing to give. It's so frustrating to know that we are so close to something amazing, but still so far away. What is she so afraid of? I know she was in a bad marriage. And, that she's been in some bad relationships since. Is that what's keeping her from moving forward with me? She tells me that she is closer to me than she was ever been to anyone in her life. This connection we have is like nothing that either of us has ever known. Shouldn't that tell her something? That maybe I'm the one? That maybe we have that connection, because we are meant to be together? I can't remember ever being more sure of something in my entire life. But, she's NOT so sure. And, it's killing me. Thoughts?

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