Best Online Dating Site?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by Ohyesuare, Jun 6, 2013.

  1. Ohyesuare

    Ohyesuare New Member

    What is the site you have had the most success with?
  2. leosaysmeow

    leosaysmeow New Member

    Personally, I have not yet tried online dating. I have been with my significant other since high school. However, I have had many friends who have had success with online dating. A very popular site I know of is okcupid. It's free to make an account on there. Two of my best friends have met their significant others on there. One of them even recently moved to another state to be with her boyfriend she met on there!
  3. HeyHailey

    HeyHailey New Member

    I think OKCupid might be the best one out there. There are many creeps (if you're a women, I think it's better for men), but at the same time it's easier to meet some sensible, cool guys than on some other sites. Also, it has quite a lot of users.
    I don't know if it's any good for somebody outside of USA, though.
  4. chrisis

    chrisis New Member

    Hi :)

    Ive been using - they are a new site, but ive chatted with a couple of nice guys on there already.....I get the impression that they are only a small company, so they are trying to keep things personal and friendly....ive had to report one member to the site owner and she dealt with the problem swiftly and was very helpful........ive tried POF in the past, but couldnt seem to find a genuine person on there.....just my opinion......... :peaceful:
  5. ElizabethStone

    ElizabethStone New Member

    I met my fiancee on I liked that one the best, and believe me, I tried ALL of them.. haha
  6. JaneLaw

    JaneLaw New Member

    Another vote for OKCupid if you want to meet someone young and hip. They do a great job of matching people and it can be very fun to just be a part of the site with their quizzes and forums.

    Honestly, just try them all. There are different people on each one! One could be your soulmate :)

    Good luck.
  7. AdamWesis

    AdamWesis New Member

    Hey there, I have tried and its works for me and for my friends ;) . Now we all have girlfriends now :heartpump: Its only took an hour to make a girlfriend. I am happy to have her :bananna: . You should try this website, as its not at all expensive and lots of Girls have joined this website. I love it :eek:hyeah:

    All the best Buddy :wave:
  8. juliawiliams

    juliawiliams New Member

    Hi Adamwesis, thanks for sharing the site Friends it really works and its easy to sign up and its membership fee is too low as compared to other sites.

    Use 25% Discount Code " hrAM4a" and enjoy dating.

  9. Kay

    Kay New Member

    There are paid and free online dating sites, for free OkCupid is the best one so far, it's easy to browse, there are questions to help you write your summary and specify your hobbies and interests.
  10. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    It depends... I was member of many sites in past 10 years from AFF to todays popular (okCupid,etc). Basically in past few years I am follow just adult sexdating sites scene because I use sites just to arrange one night stands and nothing serious, so don't use anymore classic dating services.
  11. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    Depends. If I am looking for one night stands (fast hookups in general) that I am using variety of sites from best sex dating sites review list, if I want date then pof and okcupid.
    On okCupid I get more responses but never had date from somebody there, on the other side from pof I get less response but had x dates here. This works for me, but I don't know will it work for others, because it is not just about sites there is something in your altitude, approach and so on, actually just like in 'real' life.
  12. danielbrown

    danielbrown New Member

    I have not yet tried online dating but I can give you a website that provide you the best tips and advice on dating it's Datevalet helps you to arrange your date nicely and you can get some useful advice from them.
  13. briansuder

    briansuder New Member

    My site is gud site
  14. ShauninNS

    ShauninNS New Member

    Everyone's opinion will vary… some have had decent results from free sites like Okcupid… while others prefer paid services such as Eharmony or Match as they feel that people that are paid members tend to take it more seriously and therefore the feedback you tend to get from it can often be better.
  15. sanjosetom

    sanjosetom New Member

    Definitely subjective. Depends what you're looking for and if you want to pay or not, I suppose.
  16. DatingFan

    DatingFan New Member

    Yes I feel too many dating sites are things where you can log on when you want to shag.
    People do not care about building a relationship on there at all

    I came to this forum to find some tips but all the things I read here are depressing.

    luckyly I had a nice talk recently with two kind Kiiroo representatives and they told me they are working on an online dating society. Where you could just chill or make a name for your self based on tastes and humor.

    And if you found people who are interesting you have the opportunity to hook up for a date or a chill session. They actualy had a gadget that will let you touch your lover. You would ofcourse also see him or her on the webcam.

    So unless you guys can hook me up with a link to good site with serious people, who also want to go out for dinner or a show, I think I will wait for Kiiroo to open after new years.

    I realy had hoped to find some good tips on dating sites here lol :p
  17. tingerwoods

    tingerwoods New Member

    there are MORE and MORE Online dating sites are appearing on the web right now, but there are only few offered a good and really interactive way of dating so i would likely recommend my site on Effortless Dating. :)
  18. lexxux

    lexxux New Member

    Dont think that there is a best Online Dating Site. It depends on what you are looking for.

    Do you want white,black,asian,russian,local girls,gay and the list goes on...

    You can take a look at my website "yournewpartner" if you want to date local in your area-
  19. vpresson

    vpresson New Member

    Honestly I never really been into the whole dating sites but I have hear pof is pretty good Plentyoffish I think it is.
  20. Raffo79

    Raffo79 New Member

    As i answered to another thread, i'm actually getting addicted to Appning. It's an app and its free, so give it a look

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