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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by pihu147741, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. pihu147741

    pihu147741 Banned

    Hi friends,

    Many online dating site we use for dating and chating but I want to know that which is the best online dating site ? tell me friend..
  2. Mandy1981

    Mandy1981 New Member

    I've never used dating sites before, but I actually met my latest partner via an internet chatroom. So just an idea, but maybe you would have some luck with searching for forums or chat sites that are about something you are interested in, and then you might happen across someone special like I did.

    Good luck! :)
  3. True2marie

    True2marie New Member

    The best online site for you depends on what your looking for. For example, is an excellent site for people between the ages of 20 and 40 searching for casual fun or a mate. I know people who actually met through this site and got married.

    If you don't fit these demographics or have a quirk, you're better off finding a dating site focused on this area such as ones for chubby chasers or seniors.
  4. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    First be honest with yourself do you look for DATE or HOOKUP?
    People often told they want date, but they are seeking hookup an that makes some problems :)
    So, for dating (real dating and only dating) best are okCupid and POF, both free with some paid options.
    For hookups look at best hookup sites list where people vote/rate for sites where they had most success..

    But again: be clear what you are looking for, what is your 'goal' and then go in that 'direction'...
  5. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

  6. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    some dating site does work perfectly for others but some just don't
  7. deanjones

    deanjones New Member

    Looking for best online dating website online, options are so many. Some websites are country or region specific, I used for quite some time and found someone really special. Profile's of people here are genuine. Hope it will help you.
  8. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    My friend told me about if some of you want to check out.
  9. smithhiles

    smithhiles New Member

    Online dating is the best way to know each other well.So we have many site that we can easily get accessed to..In serch of a best site we can get a number of best one's so we can get registered to any availble site...
  10. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    Online dating could possibly be one of the best way to mend your broken heart, or meet new people to have a much fresher perspective.
  11. somebody_sweet

    somebody_sweet New Member

    I am designing an online dating site. It would be great if you could share your personal opinions here
    I find online dating too time consuming but like the idea that you can meet a diverse range of people.
  12. webexperttech01

    webexperttech01 New Member

    i'm looking best free online dating site.
  13. Florient

    Florient New Member

    Hi there!

    As about me, I'm using online dating for half a year.) I like It's suitable for me and not expensive.
  14. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    best online dating site is the one who are offering free services
  15. harmine

    harmine New Member

    Top free online dating sites are as listed below-
    2. sagaconnections
    3. datingvegetarian.
    4. Flirtbox.
  16. dizzyprincess

    dizzyprincess New Member

    5. loveme ph
  17. Robert Luke

    Robert Luke New Member

    I think, online dating is the best strategy where you can communicate with your partners. In which, you can get the different kinds of tips that how you can approach a girl. The good thing is that you can get your partner via online dating. My most of the friends are approaching these relevant sites and get their life partner.
    Some sites are:
    3. eharmony
    4. click and Flirt
  18. pihu147741

    pihu147741 Banned

    Thanks a lot of for share nice online dating sites.
  19. Danny1432

    Danny1432 New Member

    What I love about this site (Xylopiadating) is that you can upload a personal video message to your profile, a long with all the other great search matches`s, it s a nice fresh looking site

    I met my partner on there and we are still going strong after 9 months give it a try
  20. ChrisKerby

    ChrisKerby New Member

    Online dating is the best manner to get your partner at any condition. It provides you a better platform to judge your partner and you can ask any doubt regarding your relationship. Some sites are best you can try these sites:
    -Personal Dating Agent

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