Born Homosexual ( True or False)

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Contrailla, Jul 28, 2014.


Born Homo or Not

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  1. Contrailla

    Contrailla New Member

    I heard people say that people can be born homosexual and I have also heard otherwise. Personally I think it's a choice that one has to make. I just don't believe we are born to be the opposite of what our bodies are made as. I mean really!!! how many babies are being born with with homosexual intentions? And how can a man feel like a woman trap in a mans body or a woman feel like a man trapped in a womans body. That all just sounds a bit too confusing to me:confusion:
  2. sidney

    sidney New Member

    I don't think that we have a choice when it comes to being attracted to the same sex, because we really can't control the way that we feel towards other people. The only "choice" that we have to make is to whether we act on those urges/feelings or not. As for getting attracted to the same sex in general, we don't really have a choice, it's just the way we feel.
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  3. Evract

    Evract New Member

    I have never had to choose between being attracted to men or women so I don't see why someone else would have to choose. I'm female and have liked boys all my life. So from that stand point, I can't tell someone who has been attracted to the same sex since they were small to choose which one to be attracted to. Now, there are times when I believe that it is due to trauma, like sexual abuse. Then there are some who are just confused individuals who do whatever is in front of them. They muddy the water in my opinion and make those who were born that way look suspect.
  4. Contrailla

    Contrailla New Member

    Most times people of opposite sex dont get involved with the same sex sexually is because of the choice not to, for whatever the causes are. When we are born we are introduced to emotions that we are not born with. Like hate, no one is born hating people ,but after being taught certain things and certain ways we learn hate or other emotions as well. I dont find men to be attractive sexually because of my growing up around men that are the same
  5. LoveAdmin

    LoveAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    There is proof that there is a gay gene: Does A ‘Gay Gene’ Exist? New Study Says ‘Xq28’ May Influence Male Sexual Orientation

    There are also physical differences found in gay brains.... most likely caused by the hormones the fetus is exposed to while in the womb.

    So no, I do not believe it is a choice at all. In fact most gay people would not have chosen to be gay if they had a choice. Being straight is much easier.

    It is partially genetics, partially hormones while the brain was developing... hardly any choice (if any at all)
  6. Trellum

    Trellum New Member

    I do know for sure that some people born that way, I knew a guy who seemed to be really effeminate and once he grew up he turned out to be guy. I know a lot people who met someone like that as well. Some of them tried to be straight, because that's what was expected, tried to see if it was really their thing, but it turned out they weren't straight after all.
  7. SamFox

    SamFox New Member

    I don't think people are born gay or straight. I also don't think it's a choice we make. I'm a straight girl, one day when I was about 10 I started being attracted to guys and that was that.

    I don't think sexuality is "caused" by anything, we just like who like it's pretty simple. Some people are attracted to the same sex others to the opposite sex. It's not that complicated. The main reason gay people sometimes feel confused and conflicted is because they don't want to face discrimination and the like, but really it should be seen as just as "normal" and natural as being straight, because it is.
  8. zaerine

    zaerine New Member

    I always thought that being gay or lesbian is because of the environment influences and how one was being treated. This gay gene is new to me and if this is really true, that could change my first thought/ideas of why someone would be homosexual. With that gene therefore, there are born homosexual although not all of them.
  9. Nicky

    Nicky New Member

    I don't think that being homosexual has anything to do with a particular "gene", but I do think that people are born that way. It's like other preferences in life, there's no way to predict what they'll be like, but you can't exactly change it in someone else. I don't think that culture really makes a difference. It's just that its been so taboo and looked down on for so long that you don't hear about it in the past.

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