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    Okay, I was in a wedding a few weeks ago in Florida. I wasn't looking for anyone because I still live with my ex and father of my children. Too complicated for now. There were guys that approached me and were attractive, but I just was not interested and was having a lot of fun with the girls. As I was about to leave the hotel after getting the bride situated, the elevator door opens. It's a groomsmen and two guys that attended the wedding. The groomsmen asks me where I'm going and I say to my air bnb with my cousin. He says no, the im coming to their room to hangout. I'm up for anything, so I say I'm going to grab my cousin. The tall one, grabs my suitcase and says he'll hold it while i go get her. So i get her and we're all talking. As we step off of the elevator, the tall one still insists on pulling my suitcase for me (so sweet). We get to the room we start drinking, talking, joking. He was asking me questions and I thought it was just normal because i never meet new people (lol). I have no life. So my cousin and i decide to stay with another friend, but we still have to go get her stuff. He insists on me leaving my bag there and to call when i get back. Still not getting it.
    After i return and take it back upstairs, i get a text from him saying that if we're cramped, i'm welcome to come downstairs to their room. that's when I get it. Like ohhhh he's interested. I didn't want to shut him down because I was intrigued and I didn't want to betray my non relationship-relationship. So i just typed LOL thanks. so awkward. the next day, I'm at south beach in the water and he text me asking me where i was. I told him and he said he was at the pool. He was supposed to leave earlier and a part of me felt like i was missing out. he ended the conversation asking me when i was coming to visit St Pete. I was so flattered and blushing. I was totally thrown for a loop and now i cannot stop thinking about him, it's all day every day. We text every few days and I'm planning to visit him in early december. I have this feeling that things are going to be very intense and serious very quickly. I plan on flying to orlando to visit family, then driving to st pete to spend 24 hours with him, but will not sleep with him. I just feel drawn to him, and i guess he feels drawn to me because he has given me, a complete stranger, an open invitation to visit him. we hung out for 30 minutes maybe. He sent me a pic and i sent him one. A few days later, i told him that i couldn't stop looking at his pic ( because i just can't) and how handsome he was. He then tells me that he has been staring at mine all day as well. My imagination is running away, but i feel like we are going to get married. The last time i had this feeling, i ended up with my children's father and we were together for 11 years. Has anyone else ever had this happen??? I consider myself to be intuitive although i don't always take heed, I just know when something is wrong or right. This feels right. I'm excited and scared. Can anyone relate? Thanks
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    Well, to soon to tell anything is a good match before you do it, but sounds like a great possibility for a great match and love story.
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    Thank you for reading and responding, i had to write it down somewhere. The thoughts consume me! I hope it is everything that I feel it is. I can't wait to take my trip and share what happens. xoxo
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    One thing is for sure, the reality of you guys together will be different than anything either of you imagined, but hopefully so much better coz it will be real.

    In my fantasies of him my partner is perfect and never annoys me, but he also never amazes me either, he does but only to a point I can imagine being amazed, or loved...

    In reality he is imperfect, often drives me insane but amazes me and makes me feel loved much more than anything I could have ever imagined, so real him wins over my version of him :D

    So I am excited for you, let us know how the trip went...:)
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    I'm totally appreciating the positivity, thank you!! I used to fall head first without blinking, but I know better now. Still a romantic, though lol, can't help it. I definitely haven't been able to imagine him annoying me, but i do know that he HATES shopping and I love it. I also want my bff lover boyfriend to accompany me, so we'll probably have conflict there :). I pray that he is just loves me for me, flaws and all. The trip is December 15th. Time is moving so slow. I'll be here daily and get to posting more to help me be patient. I will definitely be posting when he's sleeping!
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    You're golden, girl. Yes, he's into you just as much as you're into him.
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