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    Hi all, I am a newbie here. I am from Toronto. I need some advice on taking care of my grandmother. She is someone who I love the most. She was a very lively person in our family. I love to be with her. But, now she is suffering from Alzheimer's. Her disease changed her completely. She lost all her memories. She is no longer able to recognize me not even my parents. I really feel sad for her. She doesn't remember anything that she is no longer able to do anything on her own. I don't know what to do. Her condition is so pathetic. My mother takes care of her. She always complains that it's stressful to take care of grandma. I can understand my mother's situation completely. I have college and my dad goes to work. We are completely helpless. It's pretty difficult for my mom to handle each and everything at home as well as taking care of grandma. My mom is planning to appoint a caregiver from an elderly homecare. I have been searching the internet looking for advice on this. I came across many articles related to caring for an Alzheimer's patients. Can you share some article related to taking care of an Alzheimer's patients? Have you ever had similar experiences caring your grandmother?

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