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    I am 44 single male. A girl (age 24) came in contact with me 3 years ago. At that time I was a temporary computer instructor in one of my friend's Institute. She became close. She started talking about her home, parents etc. She took my phone no. I had marked her eye contacts couple of times. It was something like beaming very deep inside me. I had noticed couple of times she had covered her chest in front of me. Two times she met me privately. First time she came to my single room and wandered around the room, gazed through the windows and talked to me for some 15 to 20 minutes and went away. She usually advice me to "get marry", "people also marry at your age", "you can find a girl for you." etc. Once I hold her knee to stop her swinging her leg. That day I saw she was swinging her left leg unusually fast. So I stooped her.

    Later on I moved to pune for a job. After 3 months she called me one day, talked with me. asked how I am etc. and told me that she is in search for a job. After some days she called me again and told me 'take me away near you.". I couldn't understand what to do. I asked her 'what is the problem/". She told me that she don't want to stay in her home anymore. I couldn't say anything. I only listened her. Then I regularly call her to know how is she doing. I was feeling that I should call her.

    When I returned to my home town and she met me. I found her changed. She has changed her physical appearance.

    Is this girl interested in me, does she love me? What should I do?

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