Do you struggle with modern dating?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by DatingHelp, Feb 15, 2017.


Would you like to see such services?

  1. Dating Profile Photo Enhancements/Shoots

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  2. VIP Dating Concierge (for busy people: coordinate schedule, recommend places)

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  3. Dating Data Analysis

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  4. Other

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  1. DatingHelp

    DatingHelp New Member

    I have some ideas on how the modern dating process could be improved and wanted to get your thoughts.
    Vote for any of the possible dating service ideas?
    If other, please specify

    If this is the wrong category feel free to move it
  2. John Peres

    John Peres New Member

    I am using a website where anyone can get free dating relationship tips and experts advice. If you want to try then let me know.
  3. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    I don't have problems with modern dating not one night stands, as you said. It is not fun like it was in the past but I adopted the way on how things works on that fild in past 10 years.
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