Does he like me?

Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by Cutie5839, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. Cutie5839

    Cutie5839 New Member

    Does he like me? We sometimes talk for hours and he says I'm special and unique, he teases me alot and we flirt a little. He sends me pictures of himself too. I don't know if he's just being friendly though, what do you think?
  2. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    I think he likes you :)
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  3. Cutie5839

    Cutie5839 New Member

    But he calls me "bro" too and doesn't realy talk to me much anymore.
  4. casanova28

    casanova28 Member

    Well, try to talk to him about that. Maybe you need to take a first step, any case you have nothing to loose, trust me :)
  5. Paul Gonzales

    Paul Gonzales New Member

    He likes you that's why he is being frankly. Once you start the giving time for hours and hours for a person then you might start liking because you are sharing everything with that person.
  6. KevinN88

    KevinN88 New Member

    Just talk to him!
    Every new relationship begins from friendship, in this stage we understand our partner like bad, good, habits, nature, emotions.
  7. thaotrieuan

    thaotrieuan New Member

    he likes you, bestwishes for you

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