Does he still love me?

Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by Dan Truong, Dec 9, 2017.

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    Hey guys,
    I'm facing an issue right now so I hope to gain some insights or advice that will hopefully help me :)

    I've been together with my Boyfriend for a year and a few months. He has been the most precious and dedicated person I've ever met, he would stay up late to write me cards, letters, there was once when he even sent me home despite spraining his ankle and having to walk in crutches. I can tell that he loves me a lot from whatever he has done for me and I really appreciate that. Since the beginning of the year, we have been arguing quite a lot. I admit, most of it came from me. Sometimes, we would fight over the most stupidest issue ever. Recently, we fought again and that was when he decided it was enough. He told me he lost feelings for me and that he didn't want to hurt me anymore. I tried many ways to contact him and he blocked me. I eventually persuaded him to unblock me. He saw a tweet of mine (it was a screenshot of a conversation between me and another guy) and he told me to let go of him since I have another guy and to have fun with "my boys". Does that mean that he still has feelings for me and that he still cares? And he blocked me again afterwards.
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    Tough to say. He may have feelings for you and that's why he got upset about seeing the picture. BUT he doesn't have a right to give you crap over it since he broke up with you then blocked all contact. Are you supposed to stay at home by yourself and never have fun with anyone else again in case he decides to come back? Yeah, no. When you break up with someone and cut them out of your life, you can't get pissy at them for moving on (or in your case, having a photo taken with someone else)

    As it sounds like you still have feelings for him, I would try to have an honest, open conversation with him about what you're feeling. If you want to work it out, say so. No games, no hints or innuendos. The worst thing he can do is run away again, and you can handle that :)

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