Does my ex like me again? or am I just nuts?

Discussion in 'Break Up Forum' started by brittttttttt, Nov 28, 2017.

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    In my senior year of high school, so two years ago, I matched a guy on tinder who was a sophomore in college, and after 3 months of texting, we eventually went on a date and starting officially going out. Fall came, I went off to my first year of college, and he went abroad.... we decided to still date. A few months in, he becomes confused if he wants to be with me still or not because of a girl there.. we tried doing an open relationship... didn't work out. By the time christmas came, he broke my heart and broke up with me for her... which they never ended up dating. Things didn't end well between us because, I found the situation to be messed up, I also said a few things I shouldn't have.... and a little bit of a mess in-between. We didn't become on good terms again until last November when I officially apologized. I tried meeting up then, but I guess he was uncomfortable to do so? He ended up dating a girl at his school, which oddly had a lot in common with my current bf at the time, and they broke up around the same time my ex and I broke up this past summer. I've occasionally have talked to my ex here and there for advice, or just if something reminded me of him since I'm very friendly. I began talking to him more now that I'm abroad since I'm travelling to places he's been and wanted advice on what to do there. We've recently been talking almost everyday now, he added me back on snapchat again, is keeping a streak, makes comments to my snapchat stories, etc. And when I mention like "I miss going to dave and busters", he made a comment that he missed it too and wants to go to one when he is in an area with one again.. Just weird things like this or him complimenting me when I discussed my past relationship and why it ended and that I will find someone eventually because I'm pretty awesome (he agreed in a way saying I have a lot to offer and any guy would be lucky to date me- that seemed like he was just being nice in the sense though). I just keep getting weird vibes though that maybe he's flirting again, and I don't want to ask because, though I don't think I will ever move on from him fully, and a small part of me is hoping that he does want to get back with me, I rather be civil and communicate with him the way I am now then it being awkward.
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    Tough to say. If I were you, I wouldn't pour my heart out immediately and scare him off. I would get him to meet up with you somewhere non romantic, catch up on each other in person, and let things go where they may. Feel what vibes are there between you and go from there. It's hard to say if he is being "friend"-ly or is being flirtatious.

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