Does this guy like me more than he lets on? Or am I being stupid?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by WendyBee, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. WendyBee

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    I met this guy (let’s call him Jeremy) back in June last year. We met as I started walking his dog.
    Anyway at the time I was with someone else but I wasn’t very happy and hadn’t been happy for a long time. (That’s another long story but I won’t get into that in this post)
    Anyway Jeremy and I started chatting more when I would pick up his dog and started talking about more personal things. I started realising I was starting to find him attractive and I had never found another guy attractive before then while I was with that current partner.
    I told him more about my relationship. He helped show me some things weren’t quite right.
    One night he invited me around, we had a couple of beers and ended up sleeping together.
    After it happened I felt so guilty. I never thought I would be a cheater. I told my partner what happened. He of course was very upset and we decided to end things.

    Anyway flash forward to now: Jeremy and I still see each other on a fairly regular basis and get along really well. However he told me he’s not boyfriend material at this time as his job keeps him very busy and he also has a young son.
    I’m honestly fine with this casual sex friendship (though I would love for it to turn into something more) but sometimes I think he might like me more than he lets on.

    For example, he now lets me hang around his son. He is quite protective of his son and also because he explained how his ex (son’s mother) was really into child psychology and would cause drama if she knows her son is around another woman that could be new step mum.

    We used to only hang out his place. But now he’s gone to my place and he’s taken me out a couple of times for dinner. He’s said he had a really good time.

    I also told him how I’d love to travel and live/work in another country like England for a year and he said it would be good for me. But he said he would have to buy me a track suit or something to stop other guys looking at me.
    He also doesn’t want to see me if I’m dating someone else.

    So do you think I’m being stupid and he’s just stringing me along? Or do you think he might like me more?

    I’m keeping my emotions in check as best as I can but honestly it can be confusing.
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    It's not truly a "casual sex friendship" if you are secretly hoping it will turn into more. He's told you he's not looking for a relationship at this point, and the fact that he encourages you to leave the country for a year without him doesn't exactly hint at true love. He says he doesn't want to see you anymore if you start dating someone else...well, if he's planning for this instead of locking you down himself, that's another red flag.

    I would have an honest discussion with this guy about where you see this going, if anywhere, and then act accordingly. You can't play the role of girlfriend, and miss out on available men, for a guy that's not into a relationship

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