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Discussion in 'Love Stories' started by KYBC, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. KYBC

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    Cousin came in to my room during birthday party. Maybe long time dint saw her, feel that her bomb grow up so much. Then I tried to ask her what her boobs size and how come grow so much. She notice that I feel interest on her boob then she ask me to touch and measure it by myself.

    She seem enjoy when I touch it with my hand. Then I try to pull up her bras and touch her tits, she dint resist and ask me to touch harder. In the mean time, I feel that her pussy are squirting then I take off her panties and licked her pussy.

    She enjoy the moment that i licked her. At the mean time, she noticed my dick is getting larger and she asked me to pull off my shirt and put my dick into her pussy.

    I enjoy fuck with her and lick her tits. We where fuck around 40min. At the end, i cum inside her mouth and she help me to clean my dick by licking on it. For now, we have sex every time when my cousin came to my house.
  2. PennyHays

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    Is this the real story or just a fantasy?
  3. Caly

    Caly New Member

    I'm afraid it was a real story with his real cousin.

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