Fallen for someone and now need advice ? Is it too late?

Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Yssi, Jan 5, 2018.

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    So I was at a party on Xmas Eve and I met these three gorgeous guys. I ended up spending the evening with then walking along the beach and exploring the town. We all got on wonderful ! I really liked the one more so than the others and really fancied him ! The next day (Xmas) I got very drunk and messaged one who was online. I have recently got divorced and wanted to find them again and not spend Xmas alone. However the party scene was too big and I coukdnt. The guy who I was messaging has an insane body and whilst drunk I ended up drooling over his body and invited him to mine so as not to be alone. I never intended to have sex, but I did.

    I then ended up travelling with the guy I slept with to another island whilst his friends did a scuba course. Him and me had no chemistry whatsoever and despite him being good looking with a wondefully chisled body, he had no personality whatsoever!

    Around new years, we all meet up again together. On new years I sleep with the guy I slept with before but again I was drunk and sharing a bed with him. I annoyed myself, because the whole night the guy who I liked before and me got on so well and even people commented that we made a cute couple ! Which was strange ! ... I don't know if it is just in my head, but I can't help but fee he liked me the same way. In the morning he came to our bungalow and I was obviously naked in bed. I felt guilty which was wierd. And if I could go back I would have chose him from the start. The guy who I had not with left to go somewherr else and I spent the night with the guy i liked. We stayed up all night doing crazy adventurous things like climbing towers and finding viewpoints. I really like him and can't control my feelings.

    What is even worse is that he has gone back home now and I am still travelling. He finishes the army in September and I am going to his hometown in August to meet them all again. In September he said he wants to be like me and travel the word permanently. He told me he had never met a girl like me who was this adventurous.

    I don't know what to do ... I can't stop thinking about him and I am so annoyed for not choosing him from the start. Do you think it is too late ? Would having a sex history with his best friend jeopardize anything that might have been there ?
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    Sooo.... does he know you have been sleeping with his best friend? Seems like an obvious question but maybe he doesn't?

    Would this jeopardize your future with him? It could, definitely. If they are close, and you all hang out together, there will probably be some awkwardness there. Plus, there will always be that spectre of his friend having "been there" first.
    I know a lot of guys that would be throwing that in your face down the road.

    Who knows, maybe this guy is the most non jealous and least territorial, most secure guy ever and it will all be good...
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