Falling in love with my best friend.

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    Hi everyone, hope you are all well. Im new to this site and really hoping some of you can spare 10 minutes of your time to help me out.
    Basically I met a guy about 6 months ago, at the time we began dating I realised I was not ready for a relationship with anyone at that time as my life was far to complex with personal issues. I told him that I wasn' ready and couldn' fully commit he said he understood but still wanted to remain friends. Within the following 6 months we did everything together, saw each other all the time we were a huge part of each other' life. We even had sex from time to time. A few weeks ago he asked me again if I was willing to commit to him in a relationship he loves me so much. to which I replied no we are just friends. Unbeknown to him I actually did have feelings I just wasn' ready at that time to share it was it he hit me out of nowhere with the question. He was upset and that was the end of it 2 days later i confessed to him that I do actually have feeling and I'm sorry I was confused and yes I want to give things ago. He turned round stating that he doesnt believe me I'm only saying this because I'm scared of losing him and basically that I had hurt him so much that I had now missed me chance and it was too late. I was crushed I did not expect this. How can someone go from loving someone so much in a matter of days?? Since then I have continued to want him he has pulled away from me and within a week stated he had met someone else a 21 year old (he' 35) they are officil and he' really happy with her . I' heartbroken and got upset 4 days ago on the phone when he told me this. He became angry stating that he wants to me friends but it's too late and I have to stop all this upset and arguing. I don't know what to do.?? Is it really hopeless have I missed my chance??? I haven't rang him or text him for 4 days as it' been me making all the contact and effort sure he will speak to me but then I get upset on the call and it' like he has to empathy for my feelings what so ever. I. Trying the no contact rule 4 days in but am I waiting my time??? Hes not even saying that he' realised he fell out of love with me months ago just didn' realise it. What is this behaviour? Thanks guys xxx

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