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    Hi all,

    This girl I used to work with for around 8 months(I was sort of her boss) with in London went back to home to Sweden about 2.5 months ago. We always got along really well in London and we went on a few trips around UK. We could always joke with each other and could we could have a conversation for hours without a break.

    I went and visited her and stayed at her family home for a week about 2 weeks ago and we had a great time and do alot of touristy things and did some trips with her mum aswell. It was during that time that I began to really like her and develop feelings for her. I tried to be all gentlemanly possibly impressing the mum more than her but i don't think I expressed to her that I had feelings for her as... well... I am English.
    I have arranged to go on holiday with her again in 1 months to Mallorca for one week and am hoping to see if i still feel strongly about her.

    My issue is whether I should be direct and tell her how I feel during the holiday. I do not know why but I have a feeling she does not feel the same way about me and sees me more as a friend as she is still using dating apps like tinder and she is quite open with me about previous relationships.

    I am the kind of person who is best to just get things off my chest rather than let them bottle up inside me and drive me crazy, even if there is a chance it could ruin our current relationship.

    I look forward about any advice


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