favorite chinese food ?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by Sunita1234, May 23, 2014.

  1. Sunita1234

    Sunita1234 Banned

    Hello friends,

    I want know.which one is your Chinese favorite food ?
  2. relationshippro

    relationshippro New Member

    Fried Tofu with Spicy Ginger-Sesame Sauce
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  3. LoveAdmin

    LoveAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I'm okay with just about any Chinese food :)
  4. NDN

    NDN Member

    Black pepper chicken with tofu and veggie fried rice is one of my favorites.
  5. Trellum

    Trellum New Member

    I love spring rolls! There is a Chinese restaurant nearby, they even offer fried crabs... those crabs are absolutely delicious! I also like their shop suey and the way they prepare fish and honey ribs. I love everything about Chinese food, starting with the rice itself.
  6. zaerine

    zaerine New Member

    I think some of their noodle foods are really delicious. I also like tofu whether it was fried or being mixed with some vegetables or other dishes.
  7. latoya0511

    latoya0511 New Member

    I love sweet and sour chicken if it is cooked right. I also love general tso chicken and sesame chicken.
  8. Promarged36

    Promarged36 Member

    I love Chinese dumplings and sweet and sour pork :thumb:
  9. lovebird

    lovebird New Member

    I love duck in every possible version!!
  10. I love sweet and sour chicken the most but also like vegetarian spring rolls!
  11. Peter A

    Peter A New Member

    I like chicken fried rice. They cook it with egg yolk, and it's a guilty pleasure. It is sometimes not cooked very well, though, so the meaty strips tends to taste rubbery and greasy. Takeaway food is usually very bland as well, and I'm more of a salads kind of guy. The soup is OK, but probably quite salty, or is it the MSG? Anything with gravy added to it is disgusting. Like that lemon/orange chicken dunked in oil. It has no taste. Just nothing but fat.

    I've also noticed that Quality Street (the famous chocolates with the nice wrappers) taste so cheap now. I'm not sure if this is due to the cost of cocoa, but seriously - I think they aren't as nice as they used to be.
  12. twopolar

    twopolar New Member

    wanton noodle. amazing and simple food but awesome taste.
  13. HamDak

    HamDak New Member

    also like it
  14. ularkusut

    ularkusut New Member

    three in a row :)
  15. Unnaturalthings

    Unnaturalthings Active Member

    Sweet and sour tempura prawns!!!! Dang you're making me want chinese!
  16. HamDak

    HamDak New Member

    yes! nice!))

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