Girlfriend is ignorant since she left to live to America

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  1. mantasuzka

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    So my girlfriend left to America about a week ago, before she left we both cried to each other and she said we will make this work. Ever since she left she's been very ignorant only 1 message a day and usually ignores my questions. Maybe it's just me but I'm freaking out as she's 11 hours away from me. I've been having mental breakdowns because of this. I do question myself sometimes maybe she is busy but I see her online all the time it dosnt take that much to reply. My day gets a lot brighter when she messages me. And when she do messages me it's ether I love you baby, or I miss you baby what you doing. I love her so much I would do anything for her. Is there anything I'm not seeing in my mind someone with clear mind please redirect me!
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    How long is she in America for?

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