Girlfriend might be pregnant. What do I do?

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    I visited Kharkov four months ago to see my girlfriend and we had a lot of fun together hanging out together. We’ve been together for a year and that was our first meeting in person. We found each other on LoveMe about a month before we got together. It was a nice break from me dating the girls here in my area.

    Lately, I noticed that she’s a lot crankier and she gets tired easily so she spends more time in bed. She’s also complaining about weird food flavors, like her favorite food suddenly makes her nauseous. My sister tells me that those are obvious signs of a pregnant woman. I haven’t told her about my observations yet. However, I’ve made the suggestion once or twice which she immediately turns down.

    What if she’s actually pregnant? What if she’s already carrying my baby? I don’t mind having a child since I’m already responsible enough, and so is she but we haven’t really discussed if we both want a child together. We just got together and the idea of sharing a child might be too soon. Is a year too early to have a child? I also don’t know if she likes to have kids.

    One last problem and the biggest amongst all is that if she really is pregnant, would I need to marry her? The idea is not bad. I love her and I can see that she can be a good addition to my future but you can’t just be forced into a lifetime commitment. I need advice on this matter.

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