Girlfriend was promoted at work. Should I send a gift?

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    My girlfriend is a very determined person. When she wants something, she really works hard for it to the point of exhausting herself just to achieve this goal. It’s a very admirable character trait that she has. Her efforts have finally resulted in something positive. She was promoted to a higher position and I’m really proud for her achievement. I’m really happy that she’s advancing in her career, something that she has been looking forward to for quite some time now.

    I plan on doing something as a reward for her success, even just a little something to make her feel how proud I am of her. Nothing’s wrong with that, right? It’s okay to give her something, right? Some friends tell me that a simple message would be enough but I was really thinking of sending something.

    A friend of mine is going to her hometown for a romance tour. Should I send a gift that he can carry to deliver? I already asked him about it and he said he would be happy to do me a favor. The promotion’s a really big deal for her so it would make a difference if I give her a gift or not. I need help. Also, I don’t know what I want to give her.

    What’s the best gift to give to someone who just got promoted? I need something that my friend can bring on a plane, something that can be placed in a bag. Any suggestions on good gift ideas? She’s really a simple girl. Something office-related would be preferable.

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