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Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by anon44544, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. anon44544

    anon44544 New Member

    I recently met someone online, and things have been going very well in person. She has introduced me to friends and is clearly dating me in how she introduces me. She states she is developing feelings. I have been seeing her for three or four weeks. I have changed my online presence as a result, and I told her I was closing my profile on a dating site. Meanwhile, her online presence has not changed, and her profile is still open. Should I be concerned?
  2. LoveAdmin

    LoveAdmin Administrator Staff Member

    I don't think I would be. Any updates on this?
  3. steph84

    steph84 New Member

    I met my boyfriend on a dating site and neither of us has deleted our profiles or changed our status. I know he isn't talking to anyone and he knows that he has my heart. We both love each other and I'll probably delete my page, but I just have been busy and haven't gotten around to it. Ask her to if it bothers you so much.
  4. Katherin

    Katherin New Member

    I think you should find other friend and no to worried about their just forget it and tried to do some thing different . Singles are more interested in online dating .dating is a way of make yourself happy and busy in your personal life .
  5. eve

    eve New Member

    maybe she just forgto about it?
  6. taskeinc

    taskeinc New Member

    You've been dating for 3-4 weeks, that's really not long at all. Closing down her profile should be something she wants to do and not something you have to ask her to do. If this is a dating site, that's one thing, but if you're talking about a social network, like Facebook, it's not a problem that she's keeping her account active. A dating site is different, but again, it has to be something she wants to do and not something she feels pressured to do.
  7. mz_angie1987

    mz_angie1987 New Member

    I don't think that you should cncern yourself with that too much because there could be a reason for her to not have changed anything on her account. Maybe her feelings for you caused her to shy away from the online dating site which means it's going to stay the same since she hasn't been on there. I wouldn't worry about it just yet. If a few months go back and you see that there has been activity on her page but she failed to make some updates then yes I would then worry and confront her. If you are serious in this relationship then the other party needs to reciprocate that as well. One shouldn't be in a relationship by themselves while the other is playing games.
  8. steph84

    steph84 New Member

    My boyfriend and I also met on a similar site and we both have our pages still up but we changed our status to "in a relationship." We still like to send each other little winks and flirts on there and message each other. I know he isn't talking to anyone else and we don't really sign on it anymore, but I just can't bring myself to delete it because I want to see if he is still on it and I wouldn't be able to verify this with my page deleted first. Maybe delete them together in person one day?

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