Good diet anyone?

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  1. moves_like_jagger

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    I am as lazy as you when it comes to exercise but when it comes to dieting, you can count on me. I would rather diet and do some eating sacrifices to lose weight than to exercise. But we all know that dieting alone is not enough, and in fact, diet and exercise is the best tandem in losing weight. But for whatever reason, dieting is the one that's easier to do than to exercise, maybe because a lot of us do not have time to exercise due to hectic schedule but a lot of us can engage and do diet anytime. Anyways, when I am on a diet and is aiming to lose weight, what I do, I drink lots and lots of water. Upon waking up, I will head to the kitchen and load two glasses of water. Before breakfast, I will have two glasses again, after breakfast two glasses again. In the office, as much as I can I sip water. Then before any meals or snacks, I will drink water. It makes me feel full and so I will not eat much. Plus, it flashes out toxins from the body and so not only I am losing some weight, i also noticed that my skin is getting some glow.

    But hey, again, we must exercise to make the weight loss much easier, faster, and effective.
  2. Martin

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    Hi friends,..
    I am here to this forum and read out all the posts.Dieting is the necessary of the life.So we should be take
    care of the diet habits.Because without dieting we cant keep properly health and fitness.I like these diets
    for fitness.
    1 Yogurt
    2 Pasta
    3 Vegetarian foods
    4 Milk and butter.
  3. Damion

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    Eat and drink whatever you want but do exercise. Rather be regular in it. Its not fair that you
    don't want to do exercise. Actually, exercise is just like a stencil that give a proper shape to the
    Please, don't use any sort of weight loss pills or supplements etc.
  4. LoveAdmin

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    Okay, I don't get it. You have posted this exact same thing in a couple different spots on the forum. I don't see a link or anything. I am just wondering why the pseudo spam...

    And by the way... if those are your 4 suggestions for dieting, you don't know shit about it. Pasta? Really?
  5. shaun

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    A good diet to try is the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is our ancestral diet reconstructed, the food we ate through most of our evolution, cutting out food introduced since the advent of agriculture like grains and legumes. I would recommend doing the 30 day Paleo challenge to decide if it is the lifestyle for you. Most people never look back after the 30 days because they feel much better.
  6. barclaye

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    avoid junk food and fast food, there you will get good diet, and another thing depends on different health condition you can choose your diet.
  7. barclaye

    barclaye New Member

    hai shaun,

    what all are the foods include in paleo diet? can you list out some of the foods over here
  8. Malt1400

    Malt1400 New Member

    Thanks a lot!!!
  9. Olpers

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    Anybody can take good diet because such diet needs more exercise to digest it rapidly therefore this thing will enable me to make more and hared work from the body therefore better way to use this diet as per the physician doctor with better way.
  10. theoceansofpeople

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    Simple, just stay away from fatty foods. Watch your carbo intake daily. You should start eat fruits and vegetables. Instead of meat, go for tuna.
  11. amy005

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    For me it is all about counting calories and portion control. Use a program like super tracker to keep track of calories and avoid eating more then about 1600 a day. Don't over eat and try to eat lots of fruits, veggies and lots of foods high in protein and fiber. Foods high in protein and fiber are typically more filling. Try to avoid or cut back on sugar and any alcohol or other empty calories.
  12. Marck

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    Hey guys,We should be keep maintain of the diet habits because diets has own importance in our life
    for keep good fitness.So i like the energetic and healthier diets for keep good fitness.According
    to me that vegetarian diets and buckwheat diets are so good for the health and fitness....
  13. stacyjmes1

    stacyjmes1 New Member

    Add fruit, slad and nuts in your daily diet to stay healthy and strong.
  14. Trellum

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    Thwe best diet is no diet, becuase diets are in general very restrictive and people end up getting tired of dieting. The best way to make a lifelong change is to simply watch what you eat and do a lot portion control. I used to be very overweight, but I managed to lose over 76 pounds by just counting calories and doing some portion control.
  15. Gingerheartbroken

    Gingerheartbroken New Member

    I took Contrave. I was weighing 179 whe i started. I weight myself this morning 138. It took approx 5 months

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