Heartbroken due to size

Discussion in 'Sex Advice' started by Greg Neumeister, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Greg Neumeister

    Greg Neumeister New Member

    I just got dumped because of my penis size. Length isn't the problem (7in) its my girth (4.75in). She straight up told me i dont stretch her out like her ex. I always made her cum with foreplay. I know im not thick but i didnt know a gorl could be so cruel. My question is do most girls dump guys because of this because i CAN NOT go through this again
  2. Mark Garcia

    Mark Garcia New Member

    Dang man....it seems like shes a shallow minded person anyway if shes only in a relationship for sex or ONLY for physical reasons like that. Tbh I prefer CFNM and foreplay and I feel like I might be in the same vote because I prefer it over intercourse.

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