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Discussion in 'Dating Advice' started by Jimmy Bean, Jan 26, 2018.

  1. Jimmy Bean

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    Hi, I'm Jimmy and I've got a serious problem and I don't know what to do!

    I've been dating my girlfriend (Jessica) off and on for 8 years now. We aren't good together, we fight constantly and we don't trust each other at all and we cheat on each other. We are only together because we have a 4 year old together, and we are trying to keep him from a horrible break up.

    I met a girl who was a friend of a friend 2 years ago (Amy) and she is amazing. I began dating her when Jessica and I broke up for a time, and we dated for 4 months (no sex, only kissing and dry humping) She told me at the time that she wasn't over her ex and didn't want to have sex. I tried to understand but sex for me is a need of mine, so I didn't hold out for long. Eventually Jessica came back and I slept with her again and we got "back together." I told Amy this, and she seemed to be okay with it. I've talked to Amy off and on for the last year behind Jessica's back. Amy knows about Jessica, and knows that I don't love her and really just looking for an excuse to leave her.

    Amy and I hang out once a week (Jessica works out of town for weeks at a time and cheats on me, but she pays me and our childs bills) When Amy and I hang out, I have overwhelming feelings of love and connection. I tell her about this and compliment her but she never wants to kiss or touch, and only hugs me. She will talk with me about my latest fling I'm having with a random chick, and doesn't seem to bat an eye.
    Only thing is Amy works 2 jobs, and is really busy. I really don't think she's dating anyone else, and I trust she would tell me if she was.

    Is Amy waiting around for me to break it off with Jessica again?
    I want Amy, but I just don't know why she is only friends with me? She gives off all the signs of being sexually interested in me.
  2. Jimmy Bean

    Jimmy Bean New Member

    That's funny that you linked a witch craft or spell link. I don't know how to cast spells, and don't plan on spending money to do so...
  3. LoveAdmin

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    Just end it already...
  4. Unnaturalthings

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    No idea what's in Amy's head. Your relationship with Jessica is not working for many reasons. Staying with her for the sake of your child is a failure waiting to happen. No kid deserves to see parents that are toxic to each other and not modelling how a loving relationship is supposed to look like. The longer you expose him to this, the worse it will be. You need to end things as amicably as you can before too much resentment builds up between you. Learn to be friends and co-parents for the sake of your child.

    Forget about any new relationship until things are done and over with and the dust has settled. If you ends things with Jessica and rush into a new thing with Amy, it is going to hinder that process with Jessica. Put your child as the #1 priority and stop thinking about chasing skirts until you've ended what you're already involved in.
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  5. mockingbird

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    As someone who grew up with two parents who hated eachother but stayed together for the sake of their kids, it sucks and it’s mentally harrowing. Kids pick up on a lot of things that happen in the home and it’s better for you to break it off with Jessica. Even if things with Amy don’t work out in the long run you and your kid will be happier.

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