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    me and my husband meet dec 2011 we were married feb 2012everything was great a first until... he lost his job I got pregnant, oh and we became homeless. My husband is a wonderful man who care about me an dmy 2 kid his stepkids and is a amazing daddy. We are going through a lot our son has sickle cell anemia he is always sick and that hard on a new relationship and marriage we love each to death I know he is my soul mate. But with the stress I don't feel like having sex really and that hurts him bc he always praising me on beautiful I am how he is so happy to have me I am just mad bc I feel at 32 years old u should have a stable job, a car, ect u should be a adult I am 25 and no I don't have a car or a job, but I am not the provider I am the mom. :concern::bawling:
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    Don't think bad or negative. This type of situation comes in my life also but I don't give up and try to find a solution and I found a solution with the help of spell caster who are expert in magic and I used it and came up with very good result. Right now my life is normal as earlier so as per my past experience with spell caster I would suggest you to try at least once to come out of the problem you are facing right now.
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    I normally tell people when these things happen and nothing around you seems to work it means that you have to go on your knees and look to God. Sometimes it may be because of your own errors or bad decisions but there are times God allows us to go through this process so that we can turn our eyes to Him. This happens in life at times but you should not push your husband or put pressure on him because it just makes it worst, in fact this is the time you have to show more love to your husband and this will push him and give him confidence to find a way, but when he feels pressured he may lose hope rather than if he gets love he will fight for his family. Men have emotions as well you just have to know how to deal with them.
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    I want to spy on my boyfriend and I need some advice. I think he is cheating.

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