Hobbies: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Discussion in 'Anything Goes' started by sherrybelle, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. sherrybelle

    sherrybelle New Member

    We all have things we enjoy doing in our spare time. What are your hobbies?

    I enjoy playing on my computer; searching for excellent recipes and keeping in touch with friends.

    Your turn.

    What are your favorite hobbies?
  2. mommyjoyce

    mommyjoyce New Member

    I play some games once in a while when I have some time for myself; however, I prefer to work on my dream book, add a few chapters time and again.

    There are times I find myself going back to my sewing hobbies and find myself delighted at some work of art. It would be nice to be able to do just what you want and not worry about finances. I hope the day will come when I will be able to just enjoy what I want to do! ^__^
  3. Don Quixote

    Don Quixote New Member

    I work in cyber space and I play in cyber space. So, for me, work time and spare time are the same. When I am not making money online, I surf to look for more interesting ways to make more money online. The only time that I go off-line is when the internet connection is down. Then I just go outside and watch my ducks. Would duck-watching qualify as a hobby?
  4. Sarah C.

    Sarah C. New Member

    I enjoy playing my guitar, playing Texas Hold'em Poker and riding my motorcycle. I also enjoy trying out new restaurants.
  5. dorothyperkins

    dorothyperkins New Member

    Crochet. I am currently hooked up on this. Right now, I'm making a coin purse since I don't have one and my neighbor asked me to make her a head band. I'm still on the beginners category and working hard to improve my skill on this.
  6. UmiNoor

    UmiNoor New Member

    Are you writing a romance novel, mommyjoyce? It will be an honor to read your book once you're finished with it. You can make an ebook out of it and sell it on eBay or Amazon. I'm not much of a fiction writer. Don't have the skills to write descriptive paragraphs. I prefer to write really serious non-fiction stuff and preferably in only less than 500 words.

    I too wish that I can indulge in my hobbies of which I have quite a few and not worry about the finances. But then it will be some time before I can truly be indulgent. I love to do things with my hands too. I love to knit, crochet and sew. I used to sew my own clothes. But now I don't have the time or the finances to indulge in these hobbies. What I mostly do is just do some Sudoku puzzles during my free time.

    I love to crochet too dorothy. I've made a few tablecloths, purses and head bands. It's quite a relaxing hobby but right now I don't have the inclination to crochet.
  7. moves_like_jagger

    moves_like_jagger New Member

    On my spare time, I do some writing gigs. These gigs let me earn a meager amount and it's nice to collect "coins" out of something I love doing. But what's really eating up my spare time is Temple Run. I can not last a day without playing Temple Run. It is already in my system!
  8. AmazingLove

    AmazingLove New Member

    Whenever I have the free time, I usually do gardening and some farming since we have a family land up in the hill and that is where I am doing my organic gardening thing and planting some vegetables, spices, fruits and any other plants. I am in front of my PC in my waking hours so I would not consider that to be a hobby anymore but my way of making some money online. I hope I can be able to widen my hobbies in the future...:D
  9. Coffeeaddict

    Coffeeaddict New Member

    Aside from sleeping, I catch up on my reading list consisting of books piled up in my rack waiting to be read. I also play Temple Run with my boyfriend and we try to beat each other's scores. If there is a good movie, we also go out and watch it. We also catch up on movies that we missed in the cinema. if schedule permits, I also meet up with my friends over coffee. These are some of the things that I do on my spare time.
  10. wahcashmom

    wahcashmom New Member

    I work online, play online and live online LOL! I also love to cook, bake, take long walks and spend as much time with my family as I can. I love to watch movies, and all my favortie TV shows.
  11. racechick79

    racechick79 New Member

    Spare time? What is that? I have a two year old and a 10 month old so the only free time I get is really when they are napping/sleeping and at that point I come on the computer and usually play a few games, read email, etc. I do enjoy knitting when I find the time, but at this point I think it might take me a year to make a blanket! I just recently became a stay at home mom, so I am just trying to enjoy being home with my boys and love playing games and singing songs with them...it is more rewarding than anything else I've experienced!
  12. xtina3907

    xtina3907 New Member

    When I get spare time, I usually go fishing. My husband and I have been going a lot lately. It's just relaxing to be beside the water. Even if we don't catch anything, just being outdoors is refreshing. I also like to go hiking even though I haven't been able to go because the weather has been ugly!
  13. xcmiller93x

    xcmiller93x New Member

    I enjoy watching TV, playing games, hanging out with friends, Skyping, photography, and listening to music.
  14. Jkooky

    Jkooky New Member

    I do crafts n my guilty pleasure is reading gossip abt celebs. Lol. What I do sometimes, is I look at an outfit I really like on some cool celeb like The Hills girls or Blake Lively or something, and then I go local online fashion stores (something big like this) and try to make my own outfit like them. It's like 'get that look' that u see in magazines but I do it for myself. Only sometimes I can't actually afford what I pick out ... :|
  15. Jedediah

    Jedediah New Member

    My spare time is playing with my grandchildren, playing the piano and my harmonica.
  16. clauemi

    clauemi New Member

    I love to read, I haven't had the time to read a good book in a while. I like going to garage sales to see what interesting things I can find, I like antiquing. Watching movies is fun also, it never gets old.
  17. jessiekay

    jessiekay New Member

    i like dancing in my room to zumba fitness. It is a good way to have fun and be fit..
  18. jessiekay

    jessiekay New Member

    I love shopping but not at mall i shop from my bedroom
  19. Promarged36

    Promarged36 Member

    love eating and reading
  20. Elizabeth

    Elizabeth New Member

    My biggest hobby is hiking. I have lots of trails where I live, and I love to go out and be in nature. It's great exercise, too! Fiancé and I are planning a trip to Colorado for our honeymoon to go hiking there, and I'm so excited. I also love to swim, spend time on the beach, and bake.

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