How do I find true love?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by desperateguy, Dec 27, 2017.

  1. desperateguy

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    Let’s say, I’m one of those desperate guys who’ve been looking for true love.

    Yes, it’s really hard to find.

    I looked at some from the internet, but to no luck, I always end up failing.

    I took advice from my acquaintances, but the same result. It seems like nobody likes me at all.

    Then I delved into online dating. I tried some legit sites, signed up and even subscribed for premium usage of their service.

    But I failed. Scammers are everywhere. I’m losing hope already, not until I came to A Foreign Affair.

    It’s much more than online dating.

    This is a site for men like me, I guess. I continue browsing through women profiles.

    Man, they are so gorgeous! Too many to choose! They are all attractive!

    After research through those testimonials by men, I found myself signing up.

    I know this might be risky, I tried this before with other sites. What do you think guys?

    Should I continue with the service? Will I find true love here?

    I’m afraid I might fail again with this. I need your advices and thoughts.
  2. scentedghost

    scentedghost New Member

    HAHAHA! Stop looking for an attractive girl physically. You'll end up divorce. :D o_O

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