How do you deal with this?

Discussion in 'Family Issues' started by Calix, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Calix

    Calix New Member

    How do you deal with the fact you're homeschooled and your parents hate it when you talk to them, yet they will not let you see a therapist? I have tried talking before to them, but my dad mocked me... So that is one bridge I do not want to cross again...
  2. darkrebelchild

    darkrebelchild New Member

    If you want to talk, come to forums like these; make friends online and in the community and communicate through Facebook and Whatsapp chats. Some parents do not take their children seriously, but you will find others who do take you seriously. Try not to bottle things up but endeavor to talk to reasonable people.
  3. Theo

    Theo New Member

    It's hard to say when we're aren't sure of your age and why they have chosen to home school you. There are lots of local meet ups now and perhaps you can suggest one where home schooled children can play and interact. Maybe you can get a relative to help sound out your parents too, because you do need some adult support.
  4. morgoodie

    morgoodie New Member

    I am sorry that your parents will not let you talk to them. Maybe they are uncomfortable with the subject that you are talking to them about or maybe they do not know enough about it. They may be trying to cover their embarrassment over the subject. There are a multitude of reasons but without knowing much more information it makes it hard. I agree that if it is important to you then you have to find an outlet. Is there another family member such as an aunt or a cousin that you would feel comfortable talking to and that you feel would be able to give you advice? I think that @darkrebelchild has hit on a good option of joining forums that relate to your specific need and find an outlet there where you can talk freely with someone and most people are on the forum for the same reasons as you. Many are very friendly and offer good advice. Good luck and I hope you can get your problem fixed.

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