How do you say goodbye?

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  1. yasv23

    yasv23 New Member

    I’m resigning in a week after 5 years of working in the same company and I don’t know how to break it to my workmates. None of them know that I’m only rendering my remaining days. After I gave my resignation, I asked the HR to keep it between us. My colleagues and I organize meet Latin tours and in all our years of attending those tours, we’ve created a lot of memories together. It breaks my heart leaving all of them but I really feel like it’s time to spread my wings. How do you say goodbye to your closest friends? This is my first job and they’re the first people I befriended at work. Please help me out.
  2. Cheryl J K

    Cheryl J K New Member

    I feel really sorry for you. It happens in life. Saying goodbye to your closest friends is really heartbreaking.
    If you are sure about leaving, tell them now itself.
    If you delay it they will get hurt.
  3. PennyHays

    PennyHays New Member

    The best way is just to tell them everything. It hurts, but this is the right way.
  4. Caly

    Caly New Member

    OMG, such a sad story. How do you feel now?

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