How to propose to my girlfriend abroad?

Discussion in 'Online Dating' started by settleyoudown35, Mar 7, 2018.

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    I have been thinking of proposing to my girlfriend, the only problem is she’s in the Philippines. I met her through an international dating social event, we started corresponding and we really hit it off. It’s been a year now and we’ve met 3 times. I do feel that it’s the right time. I would love to marry her and have her here with me.

    I know most of you would say that I should come to her and propose... but my business is keeping me busy and traveling just for the weekend is not worth the expense. Is it really not advisable to propose to her through Skype? I know it’s a question most of you would say “obviously!” Most of you would probably advice me to just wait until I have free time to travel. But I have a plan…

    I plan to propose to her through a Skype video call and then have her apply for a fiance visa so she can come here soon. To be honest, I have yet to learn the requirements and regulations for visa application, if I am required to be in the Philippines with her when she applies then I will wait until I have free time to propose to her face to face. But if it’s not required, I would love to expedite things so I can have her here with me. The sooner the better!

    If we go about that route, I plan to propose to her again… properly and romantically when she gets here. What do you guys think? Will it be alright or will it be a bad move? I need advice!!!

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