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    company and mix up our Thoughts. In it, if we concentrate to our Mind, it will tell us to stick to items that we know based upon on our previous enhance mind actions. Our Thoughts will tell us to do items that we have developed it to do based upon on what we think, say or do. Here's an example to help you obvious it out, our Center reveals you to go you should up an ice-cream shop. To you, this is needless. Even though you like ice-cream, you think that this is very unique and has nothing to do with your job now. Deep-down, this idea passions you but for some purpose your Mind says that this is a dreadful idea and that you should not even bother to amuse this absurd regarded. Now, you know that the idea came from your Center. But why is it that your Mind protests against an excellent idea which came from the awesomeness of you Spirit which is probably trying to educate you something by starting an ice-cream shop? Let's say you do go on with this idea and choose to start with an ice-cream shop despite those "logical" factors not to. Here, your Mind would start throwing challenges at you, so that the idea would not execute out. But why? Why does our Thoughts protest these new ideas? That's because the break through at aspect, which in it is starting an ice-cream shop, is gonna break your current everyday habit-patterns and is very different from what you have developed your Mind to do. Your Mind which has never thought you would want to start with your own ice-cream shop is probably wondering why you are asking it to do something definitely different. It will take a while for the Mind to get used to the break through, given that you are very persistent about it and consistently try to get your Mind aboard the idea. Meanwhile, your Mind would try to get you coming back on your growth and try its best to make sure that you don't change. This DOESN'T mean that your Product is bad or evil. It is only doing what YOU developed it to do!!! So be individual with it, but remain targeted on your objectives and do
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