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    Strong need stemming from company development and expansion has fuelled this trend (unemployment has fallen to 4% its lowest stage since Dec 1974). However it has been the lack treasured cbd stock which has largely driven the tightening in starting with only a little position coming into the industry in the next treasured cbd decades. Any assessment treasured cbd future industry circumstances should not ignore some treasured cbd the probability storm clouds on the horizon. If the US sub-prime crisis causes a liquidity problem in Australia, corporates and consumers as well will discover debt more expensive and harder to get. The Reserve Bank is continuing to raise expenses in an attempt to quell inflation which has in turn caused a development and growth treasured cbd the Australia dollar and oil and meals expenses keep improving. A combination treasured cbd all treasured cbd those aspects could serve to dampen the industry in the future. However, highly effective need for Australia commodities has assisted the Australia target keep relatively un-troubled to time frame. The outlook for the Modern modern sydney CBD treasured cbdfice industry remains positive. With provide expected to be moderate over the next many decades, starting is set to keep low for the nest 20 decades before improving a little bit. Looking forward to 2008, net demands is anticipated to go to around 25,500 sqm and net inclusions
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