I am a single father to a 10 year old - joining a singles tour

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    I am a single father to a 10 year old daughter. Her mother and I never got married and she left me after giving birth to our child. I own a business so raising my daughter isn’t a problem financially, and my mom babysits when I’m working.

    I have been yearning to be with someone who could be a mother to my child and a loving partner. My daughter is already at the age where she’s asking about her mom and I don’t want her to experience growing without one. I also worry about how the society can be. I want her to grow and experience what most normal kids with a mom and dad do.

    One day, I happen to come across A Foreign Affair and decided to check it out. It might not be the most conventional way, but I registered and decided to join a singles tour to Cebu, Philippines for Jan. 25th, 2018. My decision to join might be rushed and on a whim but I talked it out with my mom and she happily agreed that it’s a good idea. My daughter will be staying with my parents while I’m on the trip and everything is going smoothly.

    I know I won’t regret doing something I know would benefit my daughter and me in the long run, but I would still like to hear from someone here who has an experience with this kind of tour. And for those who have been to Cebu, I would like to know if there are things I need to know or be wary of? Thanks.

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