I can't believe i felt sorry for these people

Discussion in 'Love Stories' started by eve.ashley, Jul 5, 2016.

  1. eve.ashley

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    They are the sorriest, most pathetic, brutal, worthless pieces of s'hit I have ever met. I can't believe I felt bad for my mate who has allowed himself to be reduced to a brutal, savage, cannibalistic beast of prey...

    For imbeciles who have all the humanity and integrity of soap scum...

    I can't believe I felt it wasn't fair that they are who they are now because of me...They are who they are now because they are weak and crappy idiots. There is no winning with these people they will bring you down to their level and nothing good can come out of it...

    I literally don't understand how people like Abdul, or everyone else besides you three, can even exist? They are a logical impossibility in my mind...I don't get it...Where do they think their going looking like that? HOME? To life as usual? WOW...
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  2. suri1100134

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    sometimes u should say sorry for no reason
  3. Nastac

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    Sorry for everyone!

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