I can't figure this girl out?

Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by james anderson, Dec 5, 2017.

  1. james anderson

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    Okay so I'm gonna give you a lot of details get ready...

    So I went to a party a few nights ago (16th) so by a few hours in everyone was completely smashed, towards the end of the party I started talking to this girl I've literally never spoken to before just knew her from school we talked for what I can remember was about 5 mins before we hooked up, we spent probbaly 30 mins just passionately kissing according to everyone else. Then we kept saying we both want to go somewhere more private so we jumped the fence and got up to much more fun for i don't know how long but before long we realised the music had stopped and we were the last ones there! So she paid for my ride home all good...

    I texted her in the morning saying thank you so much for the ride home etc I didnt want to be the first one to bring up what happened last night. She was at work all day so couldn't talk to her untill that night and she actually sent me a text saying how much fun last night was with me and she said I was really "hot" and few other things before one of us fell asleep.

    It's been really hard to tell how she feels since as she seems to ignore me a lot - I'll send her something and I'll see she's been active on social media but not responding to me but then eventually she'll respond and it will be really positive...agreeing with me and talking about how good I was and how much more fun we had together than at the party itself all the sorts of things you would expect if she was really interested or into you etc.

    The other thing to note is that I'm not exactly sure what I want out of this either! I just know for sure I don't want this to wind down to nothing I would like to see her atleast one more time and see how I feel about her as I still feel like I hardly know her.

    I'm just unsure why she seems to ignore me all the time or take so long to actually reply she doesn't seem to start convos either, could she be playing hard to get? Or trying to see my motives? Or maybe she's just not interested but too nice to make it obvious?

    If anyone could actually be bothered reading that huge wall of text and replying you are greatly appreciated!
  2. Unnaturalthings

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    Couldn't tell ya. Girls have been long brainwashed into believing they need to play hard to get and not to seem too eager. I'd say that it does sound like she doesn't regret what happened at least, and that's a start! You say you don't know what you want out of this- that's totally okay and you don't have to go in with a game plan.

    I'd ask her out while it's still fresh...
  3. james anderson

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    Thank for the reply man! I reckon I'm gonna ask to hang out with her and then I might ask her then!

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