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Discussion in 'Family Issues' started by shilpamary, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Hey friends :)

    Everyday will not be the same day as yours. Problem may arise in family, but its not the end. Relations are friends, they are the one will come till last. Whatever may be the issue, you just initiate to them by making feel better.


    There is nothing called perfect life in the universe. Everyday will not be the same day and we cannot predict what would happen in the next moment. By knowing problems and struggles in family, relationship will get more stronger than before.

    Whatever the issue, don't hesitate them. Make them to understand you and console them by your love.

    Here is a collection of feel better images. Just make them feel better and positive by sending these feel better images to make them more comfortable and relax. You can download and share these pictures through your email.

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    very nice

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