I feel lost need some serious advice ASAP I love them both... but i need to choose only one...

Discussion in 'Relationship Questions' started by Jacob166, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. Jacob166

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    I have this girl for years tho (well she's not mine actually.) let's hide her with the name Annie. we have some mutual feelings. Waited for the right time because her parents are just strict. I felt like I'm tired of waiting because it's been 4 years tho. Flirted with a girl a year ago but it really didnt worked out. She still stands out. I still love her. now another year have passed. I flirted again with another girl named Sabrina. I like her very much than annie because we have alot of same interests. Annie knows that I'm flirting with her because we flirt around twitter publicly. I promised her that this year will be the year that we will be in a relationship. Well i promised that a year ago when were still in good terms. now we didnt chatted for a year even tho we see each other. Ye you red it right. We dont even fk**in chat. It's like were seeing a ghost. This happened during were in good terms. I greet her but man, I feel like she doesnt have any interest in me because she wont talk to me well. Annie is a shy girl tho. i kinda understand that. My love for her is like on and off.

    Then I just lately realized that she was hoping for my promise up till now. I left annie in the air without any words coming from me. I feel like a real douchebag. I like Sabrina alot. We're soon to be in a relationship. But I feel really hurt because of the promise that I made for Annie. I dont know tho. I have feelings left for Annie. I love them both... but i need to choose only one...

    Should I stick with Sabrina or go back to Annie. Maaaaaaan i feel bad for hurting anyone. pls help need serious advice i dont know what to do.. I love them both... but i need to choose only one...
  2. Constantly confused

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    If you still haven't made a choice, I reckon you should go with whom ever it feels most right with. If that's too hard, maybe way the pros and cons about them. The unfortunate reality is you're gonna hurt one of them and it'll hurt you too, but your happiness is most important. It might be wise to have a chat about ending the relationship with whom ever you choose to do so with as to not seem like you were stringing them along. At the end of the day, if you're not happy you can't make anyone else happy. Good luck!
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  3. Unnaturalthings

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    I heard a saying a long time ago that goes something like this- If you find yourself in love with two people, go with the second one. If you truly loved the first one you wouldn't have been able to fall for someone else

    See if that strikes a chord. If your mind reads that and wants to fight it, then you have your answer
  4. Jacob166

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    i feel bad for hurting anyone..
  5. Islandlov3

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    I say move on a person cannot expect for you to wait for them forever. If someone else comes along that is able to make tou happy then and there and not in the future, i say take what u have right now. It will hurt the first girl but she will heal and move on.

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