i hurt to a girl

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    Hello everybody
    i met a girl in Instagram . she was my friend ( or maybe girlfriend ) for 2 days and we had some things like problem with eachother. i like that because she is my ideal.
    our story is :
    i'm trying to get a new picture of him I was up because her profile picture was not clear. she said i will give you tomorrow but she didn't. i wanted to change her mind but she blocked me. i created new account very fast and send a message to her. she reply i am not comfortable for give you an image. i accept her words and never try for get that. while texting for 3 or 4 hours that day. suddenly i was sleep and when i woke up she blocked this account too!!!
    i created many account and send messages but she blocked all of them!
    i have a wrong and that is send message to her friend list ( a she ).
    i asked which university are you? and what is your type?! both being the same. but that girl told i don't her!!!

    after some minutes my girlfriend sent a message. she was upset and angry. said: my Mother took my phone and this is fault you. I thought you was a good boy. i hate you because your makes i lose my phone. please don't send me message again. bye

    please believe me. i thought she was her friend( she is baby face ). i never send message because she is upset and i am that reason. so please advice me how can i should back her ? she likes me too because she say i want meet with you next week ( because she was period )

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