I just lost the love of my life... Please help me...

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  1. I just want 2 start off saying who ever can help with even the smallest advice, thank you. It means alot. I guess ill start off with me, were i live, i scare women away :(. They dont like the "Hoodlum" presence i give away cause i live in a country like city. Im black and handsome but its forshadowed 2 the fact of how i am on the outside. But then she came along....I wasnt with anybody for 2 years. 2 Years. I was alone. I was cold, i hated everything until she came. But in my life everything comes with a price. She had a kid and lived with the babys dad. I didnt mind because at first we were really great friends. But i loved her as soon as i saw her. Needless 2 say we started sleeping with each other, i thought she really cared for me man :(. She just wanted a "piece" of me bevause she kept walking away from what i was trying 2 put together. I was devastated, i still am. One day she hurt me in ways i could never imagine, she sent me a video of her fucking him. I cried for days an till this day, i STILL dont sleep,eat,or feel the same. I literally watched someone i love die mentaly infront of me. It was hesrtbreaking. I told her im moving and she dosent even care, i wish i could explain my story better. But im so hurt im crying right now as we speak and i need advice so desperately. Somebody...anybody...please help me:(
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    This may be way too late, you must have recovered by now, anyhow. thought i should still answer.
    Sympathize with you.
    Do try to get involved with truly single women, saves you the heart ache and pain. The way she treated you intentionally, she doesnt deserve your love and emotions.
    Your love of life yet to come, she surely is not the one.


    And pray to GoD daily(for GOD is love) and help couples and singles seeking love and marriage as much as possible, so that
    positive karma/action will bring love into your life.

    Wish you the best,
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    dont worry

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