I lost her and I don't know how to live since.

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    I lost my wife in a car accident for almost two years now but I haven’t moved on yet. She was one of those Peru ladies who are just so vibrant and she’s the most vibrant among them. When I first saw her, I only thought she was attractive so I decided on playing around with her and who knew I would fall in love with her. When she found out it was all just a game, man, she was a raging lion! All the sweetness was -- poof! -- gone. That was when I realized I don’t want to lose her. So I started wooing her again and fortunately, she fell for me too. I did not wait long and got married to her during the sixth month of our relationship. Gladly, she said yes and our wedding day was the happiest day of my life. Now, I have totally lost her. I do not know how to really live the life I have lived before since the day she was gone. How can I move on?

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